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The Boleyn Reckoning - Laura Andersen

I received this book from NetGalley as an advanced read.

This trilogy ended exactly like I thought it would. That's not a bad thing but based on the three stars I'm giving the book, it's not really a good thing either. Elizabeth ending up on the throne of England, even in an alternate history is not a disappointment. If anything, it is a testament to the impact Elizabeth had on history and the world. The author's decision to end the trilogy with Elizabeth as the Queen of England is a little disappointing. It just seems like an easy, obvious ending when one takes the trilogy into consideration.

The plot of the novel was well-written and I found it compelling but there was a lingering feeling of deja vu throughout the whole thing that picked away at my enjoyment. Despite being a novel set in an alternate history, a lot of the characters suffered the same fate as they did in actual history.  A few of the examples 1.) Lady Jane Rochford- goes mad, executed 2.) Duke of Northumberland, John Dudley- executed for treason 3.) The obvious end for Elizabeth as Queen
There were several other characters and incidents that existed in the alternate history in a manner nearly identical to the actual history. The above is just a short list. I don't really have any issues with any of the above plots but it seems a little lazy. If you want to write a alternate history, write an alternate history.

If you are a person interested in alternate histories, I would recommend giving this trilogy a go but I caution against getting your hopes up too high. At the end of the day, these Tudors didn't really fair any differently than the real Tudors.