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Sorry kids, no feet.

I am a stay at home mom with three girls. All of the time I should spend cleaning or making things I see on Pinterest is usually spent reading instead. Pinterest can get expensive. The library is free. At least until I rack up the fines for overdue books. If I'm not reading something that interests me, I'm listening to my seven year old read to me about fairies or princesses or fairy princesses. If she's not reading to me, I'm reading to my four year old twins about Batman or Star Wars or Legos. We value diversity around here.
What a Naughty Bird! - Sean Taylor, Dan Widdowson

Maybe it is because I'm a mother of all girls, but I just don't find a book about poop all that funny. My seven year old really didn't find it funny either. I understand that it is a normal bodily function but I don't need to read about it in a children's book. Perhaps this makes me a prude. I'm fine with that.