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Sorry kids, no feet.

I am a stay at home mom with three girls. All of the time I should spend cleaning or making things I see on Pinterest is usually spent reading instead. Pinterest can get expensive. The library is free. At least until I rack up the fines for overdue books. If I'm not reading something that interests me, I'm listening to my seven year old read to me about fairies or princesses or fairy princesses. If she's not reading to me, I'm reading to my four year old twins about Batman or Star Wars or Legos. We value diversity around here.

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The Goddesses: A Novel
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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Rant #1

I love UPS' delivery notifications. It means what while I am nearly an hour away from home listening to four girls scream at each other while trying to console a screaming infant, I can look and see that a package has been delivered to my front step. Since most of the packages delivered to my house contain books, it's usually quite an exciting event. Not so much today.


My favorite part is how the big orange "INSPECTED" sticker is stuck on right next to the rip. Seriously? I didn't order used. I ordered new. Seriously? Of course, Amazon says they don't have any other new copies of this particular book. This means I am suppose to send back my book so I can get a full refund. Now I am in full tantrum mode. A tantrum that will give both my four year olds a run for their money. I WANT MY BOOK! I don't want to send it back for a full refund. I want a NEW book with a jacket that isn't ripped. Is that really so much to ask? Ugh. This is a good reason to open a new bottle of wine, right?