August Reading Review

Shinju - Laura Joh Rowland Caveat Emptor - Ruth Downie The Wedding Shroud - A Tale of Ancient Rome - Elisabeth Storrs Circle Of Shadows - Imogen Robertson Flying Too High - Kerry Greenwood The Blood of The Fifth Knight - E.M. Powell Theft of Life (Crowther & Westerman 5) by Robertson, Imogen (2014) Paperback - Imogen Robertson The Girl in the Glass Tower - Elizabeth Fremantle A Curious Beginning - Deanna Raybourn A Duty To The Dead - Charles Todd

August turned out to be a great reading month for me. I didn't read a single "bad" book this month. At the beginning of the summer, I started a challenge with the goal of finishing 50 books before the end of August. I only read 29 of my 50 books but I made some great discoveries along the way. 


Some of the highlights of the month include:


Shinju- This was a welcome introduction to a culture I know very little about. I look forward to continuing this series and seeing how the main character wrestles with his obligation to honor his family and his desire to seek the truth at all costs.


The Girl in the Glass Tower- Since her debut novel, Queen's Gambit, Elizabeth Fremantle has found her way on to my list of "day of" authors. These are authors who I think are so wonderful, their books are worth buying the day they are released. Fremantle did not disappoint with her latest work. Arbella Stuart is such a tragic figure. The only knock I have on this book was the use of Ami as a vessel for storytelling. She just didn't work for me. 


Bloodlines (Wars of the Roses #3) by Conn Iggulden- This book is not shown on the above list but it needs mentioning. This series just might be the best historical fiction series I have ever read. I am withholding judgement until I read the fourth and final book in the series. 




Harry Potter and the Cursed Child- Another book not listed above that needs mentioning. The Harry Potter book includes some of my favorite books of all time with the series being my favorite series of all time across all genres. Of course I was excited when it was announced there would be more Harry Potter after all this time! I bought this book as soon as Target opened on 7/31. I set myself up to be disappointed. It was a good thing I did. Lowering my expectations helped. I had no problems with the story. I thought the story by itself was another incredible work from J.K. Rowling. My problem was the format. Using the play format to tell a story took something away. Part of the wonder of the Harry Potter world is Rowling's ability to fully immerse the reading into the wizarding world. When you are reading a story that is just strictly dialogue, you loose some of that wonder.