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Sorry kids, no feet.

I am a stay at home mom with three girls. All of the time I should spend cleaning or making things I see on Pinterest is usually spent reading instead. Pinterest can get expensive. The library is free. At least until I rack up the fines for overdue books. If I'm not reading something that interests me, I'm listening to my seven year old read to me about fairies or princesses or fairy princesses. If she's not reading to me, I'm reading to my four year old twins about Batman or Star Wars or Legos. We value diversity around here.

September's Reading List

The First Man in Rome - Colleen McCullough Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles - Margaret George The Courts of Love - Jean Plaidy Bundori - Laura Joh Rowland The Divine Sacrifice - Tony Hays Semper Fidelis - Ruth Downie The Wild Girl - Kate Forsyth

September's reading list will more than likely be a short one. I currently have three books started. These three books combined are over 2,500 pages. Combine that with my children all starting school and me starting work full-time again, September might not be a great month for reading. 


Have no fear! Even if I get little reading done in September, I know that winter in Minnesota is coming. Winter = lots of tea. Lots of tea = lots of reading.