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Sorry kids, no feet.

I am a former stay-at-home mom who has given up her hopes and dreams of becoming a professional reader. I now spend my days showing small children how to play games on computers. Right now I'm living vicariously through my 9 year-old who is reading everything she can get her hands on. 

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
J.K. Rowling, Olly Moss
Dragon's Lair
Sharon Kay Penman
In the Name of the Family
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Reading progress update: I've read 258 out of 1076 pages.

The First Man in Rome - Colleen McCullough

Into year three and I have found the best line in the book. "Her breasts had sagged like two empty socks with toes full of pebbles." 


I had a rough day. It was my first full day back at work in nearly five years. One my four year olds said she hated me when I left her with the sitter and a kid threw up in my classroom. I needed a giggle. That made me giggle.