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Sorry kids, no feet.

I am a former stay-at-home mom who has given up her hopes and dreams of becoming a professional reader. I now spend my days showing small children how to play games on computers. Right now I'm living vicariously through my 9 year-old who is reading everything she can get her hands on. 

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Roma: The Novel of Ancient Rome
Steven Saylor
The Tainted Relic: An Historical Mystery
Bernard Knight, Simon Beaufort, Ian Morson, The Medieval Murderers, Susanna Gregory, Michael Jecks, Philip Gooden


I finally get to start! 


1st Roll

Number Rolled = 8

Spaced Landed On = ? (8) Read a book tagged mystery or has a title the begins with any letter in the world "CLUE"

Book to Read: So I have the book The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. I'm debating if I want to make the stretch argument that technically "the" doesn't count as a title word which would make the starting title word "Lost". Please feel free to comment as to whether or not I should use this argument or move on to another book. I welcome any criticism of my logic. 





Finished The Lost Hero

Book = $5.00

Bank Total = $25.00


2nd Roll

Number Rolled = 6

Space Landed On = Main Street (13)- Read a book about a (real or fictional) American lawyer or politician, or that is set during the Civil War

Book to Read: This one might take some time. I don't think I have anything that fits those criteria on my TBR. America just doesn't interest me as much as other places. I live here, I get to see it first hand.