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Sorry kids, no feet.

I am a former stay-at-home mom who has given up her hopes and dreams of becoming a professional reader. I now spend my days showing small children how to play games on computers. Right now I'm living vicariously through my 9 year-old who is reading everything she can get her hands on. 

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The Largesse of the Sea Maiden: Stories
Denis Johnson
Gallows Thief
Bernard Cornwell
Tudor: Passion. Manipulation. Murder. The Story of England's Most Notorious Royal Family
Leanda de Lisle


This picture is actually from last May 4th. The twinkers wanted to wear dresses today since it's finally warm enough to wear them without heavy, fleece lined tights. Seriously, tights are obnoxious. 


And yes, they are both wearing Star Wars shoes. And yes, it's entirely possible I do actually have one good twin and one evil twin. And yes, the other adult in my house had a small, fleeting moment where he thought he would get to have his own twins named Luke and Leia.