The Sisters Who Would Be Queen

The Sisters Who Would Be Queen - Leanda de Lisle 4.5 stars for this illuminating look at the tragic life of the Grey family. I read this non-fiction account of the Grey sisters on the heels of reading [b:Sisters of Treason|18759924|Sisters of Treason|Elizabeth Fremantle||26655847]. After everything I have read about this family, all I can say is, these girls never stood a chance.

This biography was very well written. I commend the author for her ability to write an engaging biography. I was a little disappointed in the lack of focus on Mary Grey. I understand the reason for a lack of focus may just simply be there isn't the information available about Mary. However, it felt like the last section of the book dealing with Mary was rushed and thrown together. If one didn't know any better, by the time they reached the last section of the book, they might have completely forgotten about Mary.

I felt this book offered some interesting insight on Elizabeth I. After finishing I was left with the impression maybe Ms. De Lisle isn't one of Elizabeth's biggest fans. That is not a bad thing by any means. If anything the manner in which De Lisle presented Elizabeth gave me a great deal to consider. I am looking forward to seeking out some of De Lisle's listed sources and reading more about a few more specific topics.