Rabbit Hole

I've been sick for the last four (maybe five) days. I'm on my second of potentially 10 days home from work. At this rate, I will not be finishing the school year. It's a good thing I have three years worth of banked sick time. I've used way too much of it this year. 


Anyway. I decided to go down the series rabbit hole. I made a list of all the series I have started. I read a lot of mysteries so this list got a little out of control. I had to add a couple of qualifiers- 


1.) A series is defined as having more that four published books.


2.) I did not count a series if there are plans for several more published works (more than two)


With the qualifiers in place, I still had quite the list. I won't list all of the series in this post. I need to pace myself.


As it stands right now -


43 series started and not finished


19 series started and not going to finish


As mentioned above, I read a lot of mysteries. I'm in a GRs group dedicated specifically to historical mysteries. This list is far from complete.