Hit A Wall.

It was bound to happen. On the heels of reading so many fantastic books, I was bound to hit a wall. Hopefully this current string of bad reading luck doesn't continue for any significant amount of time.


First I had the dumpster fire that was Oksana, Behave. Then I picked up Good Riddance by Elinor Lipman. Lipman has been recommended to me a few times. Good Riddance was just sitting on my library's new release shelf, pleading with me to take it. So I did. About 30 pages in, the book almost found itself hurling toward a wall. 


Before I tell you why I had such a violent reaction, let me explain how bad at math I am. A sixth grade student corrected my math in front of my boss. When I told the story to my husband, my ten year old overheard and said "Mom, you know that's basic multiplication, right?"


So in Good Riddance, we are introduced to Daphne. Early in the book she attends a 50 year  class reunion for the class of 1968 at the school her mother taught for. There is a pretty significant revelation at this reunion that leads the reader to believe Daphne was born between  1969-1970. A few pages later Daphne points out to her attractive neighbor that he's 25 to her 31. Wait? I know my math is horrible but that doesn't work for me. I'm 34 and know the year of my birth to be 1984. How can someone born between 1969-1970 be younger than me. This isn't a fantasy. There's no strange time travel element. It's completely contemporary with several popular culture references that make it obvious this book takes place in 2018. Not to mention  the 50th reunion thing. I went back to re-read a few pages to make sure I didn't miss anything. Nope. I took out a calculator to double check my math. Yup. Still good. So how in the world does the author get away with this? How does something like this get by an editor? More importantly, what kind of author thinks they   can pull this kind of a fast one their readers?


I think it is safe to say, I won't be finishing this book. I decided instead to pick up the copy of Night Circus I checked out from the library. I cracked the cover and was immediately overpowered by the smell of mold and cigarettes. Maybe I need to try an e-book or old reliable Harry Potter?


Thoughts? Would anyone else keep reading Good Riddance? Or is this mistake just too  much to forgive?