Reading progress update: I've read 37%.

Queen Hereafter: A Novel of Margaret of Scotland - Susan Fraser King

I think I'm about to add another book to my DNF pile. Isn't it weird how you can read in streaks? Sometimes you get a five of the most amazing books you've ever read. Then you pick up that sixth book and suddenly you get eight in a row of the most questionable choices you've ever made. Having bangs for most of the 90s is proof of my questionable choices. 


My issues with this book need to be taken with a grain of salt. I've freely admitted that I just don't like e-books as much as paper copies. However, I think I might have the same issues with this book regardless of format. The characters are weak and one dimensional. Margaret's family are a bunch of ungrateful turds. Margaret herself is empty-headed and spoiled. "Look at what a good person I am! I gave away shoes that were too small for me anyway!" Malcolm is just your typical blundering neanderthal who Margaret will reform at some point. It's just not working for me. 


So many books. So little time.