Try New Things

And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie

When you quit your job and don't immediately go back to work full time, sometimes you have to make some cost cutting moves. First on the list of things to go, my subscription to Pandora. Second, extra cell data. I'm driving my girls back and forth to school every day. This leaves me with quite a bit of time in a vehicle with only the radio to keep me company. The problem with the radio is Taylor Swift. I can't. She's everywhere. Nope.


The girls found the audio books at the library recently. We've been working our way through various children's' books. I decided this might be an opportunity to look through the adult audio selections. This is how I stumbled on to And Then There Were None read by Dan Stevens. 


In my house Dan Stevens is Beast from the live action Beauty and the Beast. In my van, he saves me from the voices in my head by providing me with brilliant voices of his own. I'm enjoying listening much more than I thought I would. 


All of this brings me to a question- What audio books do you recommend? Who are some of your favorite narrators? Books can be children or adult.