Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

To Dance with Kings - Rosalind Laker

More things-


For starters- I didn't realize this book clocked in at over 600 pages. Page count isn't something I generally pay attention to on my Kindle. I was surprised that I'd only completed 6% of the book when I had been reading it for the entire hour I was waiting for my girls to get off the bus. In related news, it's a good thing I bring a book everywhere because they were 45 minutes late today.


Secondly- I may need to learn to read book blurbs a little better. I thought this book was exclusively about the Sun King and his ladies. It's not. It's fine. That doesn't change the fact that I'm enjoying this book. 


Third - Not really related to this book but related to books in general: I've been temporarily banned from Goodreads. Apparently I made somebody mad. I thought jail was only a Facebook thing.