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Sorry kids, no feet.

I am a stay at home mom with three girls. All of the time I should spend cleaning or making things I see on Pinterest is usually spent reading instead. Pinterest can get expensive. The library is free. At least until I rack up the fines for overdue books. If I'm not reading something that interests me, I'm listening to my seven year old read to me about fairies or princesses or fairy princesses. If she's not reading to me, I'm reading to my four year old twins about Batman or Star Wars or Legos. We value diversity around here.

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The Goddesses: A Novel
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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In the Name of the Family
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Happy Saturday

My girls are off with the other adult helping my mother in law get ready for camping season. I was suppose to use this time to clean out a space for a piano I have apparently inherited. Instead I made a latte and decided to finish off some of my currently reading list. Happy Saturday! 



This picture is actually from last May 4th. The twinkers wanted to wear dresses today since it's finally warm enough to wear them without heavy, fleece lined tights. Seriously, tights are obnoxious. 


And yes, they are both wearing Star Wars shoes. And yes, it's entirely possible I do actually have one good twin and one evil twin. And yes, the other adult in my house had a small, fleeting moment where he thought he would get to have his own twins named Luke and Leia. 



April Reading Wrap Up

The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan The Lost Hero - Rick Riordan, Joshua Swanson Murder on the Ballarat Train - Kerry Greenwood The Curse of the Pharaohs  - Elizabeth Peters

I happened to have a lot of free reading time at work during April. I didn't want to read any books that were going to require lots of attention and focus. So, I looked to an old favorite. 


When Percy Jackson first landed on the scene with The Lightning Thief, I was thrilled. He was my Greek Harry Potter. Yes, I just dared to make that comparison out loud. I am willing to accept any backlash that will follow from fans. But seriously? You know I'm right. Does that make Magnus Chase the Norse Harry Potter? Maybe but that would involve reading the books. I would start listing my reasons why but that's two maybe three other posts by themselves. 


Some of the students were thrilled when they saw I was reading Percy Jackson books. We started our own little book club. Hopefully I'm encouraging these kids to keep reading beyond Percy Jackson. 


In non-Percy Jackson reading, I managed to sneak in Murder on the Ballarat Train. I really do love Phyrne more and more with each book. I wanted to start watching the television series but I was told there are some spoilers as the show doesn't quite follow the order of the novels. 


Another outspoken female protagonist, Amelia Peabody made me roll my eyes in The Curse of the Pharaoh. While it is completely within her character to call her own child an "it", I was driven bonkers. On a related note, how is it possible Amelia and Emerson don't have more than just the one child? Seriously? 


While, we are on the topic on annoying things, GR changed things again. Ever since they added their re-read feature, my books are not showing up on my "read" shelf. They show up on my yearly challenge list but not my "read" shelf. Trying to get answers from GR is kind of a joke. I'm just going to complain here and see if anyone else has a similar problem. 

Reading progress update: I've read 5%.

A Friend of Mr. Lincoln: A novel - Stephen Harrigan

American history really isn't my thing. I live here. I see it all the time. It's just not as interesting as the scandal of the Tudors. Unfortunately, I think somewhere down the line, my great-grandchildren my view this current blip of American history as horribly scandalous and fascinating for all the wrong reasons. 


Anyway, I needed a book about an American politician or the Civil War for Book-oploy. I don't own any books that fit that criteria. I don't have time to get to the library this week so I will have to settle for an eBook loan. The only other book the library had available is not in  the Booklikes database. So by process of elimination, this is the book I'm reading. Let's see how this goes. 


I finally get to start! 


1st Roll

Number Rolled = 8

Spaced Landed On = ? (8) Read a book tagged mystery or has a title the begins with any letter in the world "CLUE"

Book to Read: So I have the book The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. I'm debating if I want to make the stretch argument that technically "the" doesn't count as a title word which would make the starting title word "Lost". Please feel free to comment as to whether or not I should use this argument or move on to another book. I welcome any criticism of my logic. 





Finished The Lost Hero

Book = $5.00

Bank Total = $25.00


2nd Roll

Number Rolled = 6

Space Landed On = Main Street (13)- Read a book about a (real or fictional) American lawyer or politician, or that is set during the Civil War

Book to Read: This one might take some time. I don't think I have anything that fits those criteria on my TBR. America just doesn't interest me as much as other places. I live here, I get to see it first hand. 

Enough Already!

There are several reason I have come to like Booklikes more than Goodreads. Lately the biggest reason is the absence of advertising on my Booklikes' feed. 


Seriously, if I see one more ad for The White Princess on HBO, I'm going to spew coffee all over my fancy Justice League-stickered, keyboard. 

Spring Swap Box
Spring Swap Box

I might be kind of creative

It has been a rough month (or so) since my last blog post. Scratch that. It has been a busy month. I don't think anything tops watching my child getting her forehead stitched back together. Busy is the word I want. I've been busy. 


Today, I finally managed to squeak out a blog post! Thank goodness. If I would have waited any longer, I probably wouldn't have blogged at all in April. Apparently Easter dinner is at my house on Sunday. Apparently I'm expecting anywhere between 10 and 20 people. Thanks Mom. 



Reading progress update: I've read 155 out of 368 pages.

The Lord of Ireland (The Fifth Knight Series) - E.M. Powell

I was starting to get a little bored but then Ireland happened. John is characterized as one might expect even bordering on cartoonish at times.

Reading progress update: I've read 59 out of 392 pages.

Game of Queens: The Women Who Made Sixteenth-Century Europe - Sarah Gristwood

Part I was an excellent introduction to this amazing cast of women. I would advise readers to have some knowledge of the political landscape of the era. The author does not spend a ton of time giving the reader background information but instead dives right into how things relate to the women being discussed. 

What Angels Fear (Sebastian St.Cyr #1)- C.S. Harris

What Angels Fear - C.S. Harris

The list of my literary boyfriends just got longer. Seriously, forget the Christian Grey's of the world. I would much rather have a Viscount Devlin. Will he dethrone my current favorite, Uhtred? Only time will time. Honestly, that's going to be pretty difficult but I'm will to let Sebastian try. I do realize they are just fictional characters in books. 


I had a slow start to this book. Most of that was due to a lack of reading time on my part. Last night I found myself stuck on a couch nursing a quad strain so I had some time. Fast forward to this morning where I'm looking for an IV of coffee because I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish reading. Once I got into this story, I couldn't stop. The action was nonstop. I had to keep reading. 


The one thing that held me back a little was my lack of knowledge about Mad King George and the Regency period. I may have to do a little bit of research before continuing on with the series. 


If I had my way (or the budget), I would be rushing out to my favorite used bookstore today. Stupid work. 

I almost have time for summer television

An interesting tidbit came across my news feed on Facebook today.


I'm not exactly the world's biggest Charlaine Harris fan. I have read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books. I was thrilled with the series until about book four. After book four, Harris made it clear she was in it for the money, not the reader. It was the same story book after book. Sookie washed her hair. Then Sookie tanned. Then Sookie had sex. Somewhere in between somebody probably died. I decided to give the television series, True Blood a chance. The combination of  Alexander Skarsgård and Joe Manganiello couldn't keep me interested past season three. 


So when I saw a news release saying another of Harris' series was getting a television show, I quickly scrolled by. Then I saw this:



You had me at François Arnaud. Damn you NBC. I almost have time for a television show this summer. I guess as long as I have reliable internet at swimming lessons I can stay caught up. 

The Botticelli Secret- Marina Fiorato

The Botticelli Secret - Marina Fiorato

I really wanted to like this book. I really did. If I hadn't committed myself to reading this book for Historical Mystery Monopoly, I would have given up about half way in. I had promised myself this was going to be the year I worked on my inability to put aside books that don't hold my interest. In my defense, this is really the first book I've read all year that I finished while wondering why I continued to torture myself. 


I've seen so many other reviews that paint the protagonist, Luciana, as some sort of wondrous heroine and a breath of fresh air. I even read reviews that applauded her constant desire for sex as honest and welcoming. Maybe I read a different book. The Luciana I saw was a brainless, silly girl. She had to be completely brainless to allow for Brother Guido to step in and throw countless, drawn out information drops and conspiracy theories at the reader. 


I will give the author credit for her research and creativity. The plot is creative. The theory surrounding Botticelli's secret message within the painting is nothing short of brilliant. However, the reader never really gets a chance to feel like they are knee deep in some sort of Renaissance Dan Brown concoction. Before you have a chance to work things out on your own, Brother Guido is off on yet another boring monologue, spoon-feeding the reader everything.    


This review may come off to some as a little harsh and it probably is. I feel my disappointment with the novel matches the tone of my review. The Medici family by itself is fascinating enough on its own. Throw in the constant plotting by the church and various other Italian families against the Medici and you have enough intrigue to fill a library. (Side note: This is exactly what makes me such a huge fan of Ezio Auditore and the Assassin's Creed games) This book offered me none of the atmosphere of intrigue and scandal I am accustomed to when it comes to Renaissance Italy. 

A Perilous Undertaking (Veronica Speedwell #2)- Deanna Raybourn

A Perilous Undertaking - Deanna Raybourn

While Victorian England is not generally my go-to time period (Usually I am a sucker for anything Tudor-Era or Dark Ages), one Miss Veronica Speedwell is quickly making me think I should venture out of my bubble more often. This is the second novel in the Veronica Speedwell series. It is just as much fun as the first. Hopefully there will be many more adventures to follow. 


The mystery wasn't anything overly complicated and shocking. I had most of it figured out rather quickly. The characters are what sell. Veronica borders on anachronistic at times but her snark and wit are enough for me to forgive the offense. Stoker hits just about every point on my literary boyfriend checklist. The eye patch is just a delicious bonus. I imagine him to be much like Alan Van Sprang's Sir Francis Bryan from The Tudors. Just in Victorian dress. Lady Wellie was a fantastic addition to the ever growing cast of characters. 


In addition to getting to know Veronica and Stoker better, I was also introduced to how to say dildo in a variety of languages. Seriously, I don't think I've seen the word phallus so many times in a book since the textbook I had for a college class on Human Sexuality. If that isn't enough to peak your interest, I'm not really sure what more I can offer. I can't recommend this series enough for people interesting in taking a quick romp through Victorian England. And really, how can you say no to that cover? 

Reading progress update: I've read 130 out of 338 pages.

A Perilous Undertaking - Deanna Raybourn

"Dil-No, I can't. I can tell you in Greek. These are olisboi. Or if you prefer, in Spanish, consoladores."


"Consolers? But how could they console...oh. Oh!"


Because a person always needs to learn how to say dildo in three different languages. I guess I didn't realize the word even existed in 1887. I would look up the origins by myself but this device was provided to me by the school I work for. And, the other adult in my house is the person who gets notifications when people type strange things into Google.

Reading progress update: I've read 51 out of 338 pages.

A Perilous Undertaking - Deanna Raybourn

Lady Wellie! I think I am in love.